Activity type tags shown as genre in game entries


As the title says, any tag of activity type will be shown in game entries as genre.

It sometimes makes sense, and some activities are presented as a potential genre, too.

* Wild Eight has activities that make sense as genre mostly because of activity oriented genre name that it almost fully matches with.
* Firemen Rescue has same, but this time it only makes sense for the activity tag that could easily be a genre tag instead.

Yes it could be improved... right now the group type is used to decide if the tag is a game "genre"

- Game genre (any)
- Activities (any)
- Traditional games (theme)
- Sport (theme)
- Sport (concept)
- Videogame (theme)

Activities (any) is too generic, I'm now removing it.
Maybe some of the activities that fit could be classified in a different way.

Some of them can probably be turned into genre names or placeholder-genre names (e.g. as seen in nameless genres group).