Linking to Worldofspectrum no longer works (WOS Redesign)


@Andrea. The World of Spectrum site got a major redesign. The direct links on the Spectrum game info pages are no longer working. So I request a fix or removal of the direct linking system.

I could lament about the changes about the site (which are now much too flashy, slower to load and with less information per page), but I have been told to get along with "modernized" stuff, so I will keep my mouth shut.

Thank you, I'll see to fix it soon.

Well, it had its style before, now I actually find hard to use, and you are right about the less information, I compared two pages using the Wayback machine, looks like a lot of data is missing (or I could not see it at least)

So sad. In years UVL has gone under a lot of updates too, I just hope nobody felt what I feel about WOS right now...

Link fixed!
The resulting 404 page was cool BTW ;)

Also, I've just added links to