The Nintendo #Gigaleak

2020-08-05 (updated 2020-08-06)

Mainly, two data dumps on 4chan have been dubbed "Gigaleak". A cache of Nintendo's data was illegally obtained and parts of it published. It consists of source code, source documents, art, emails, development tools, finished roms, and prototypes from several companies (not just Nintendo). It spans SNES, GB, GBA, NDS, and N64 software _and hardware_. Much of it seems incomplete. It would be illadvised for anyone to look at it. But, the info is out there and I have been adding info according to 3rd-hand sources. Oh, it seems to have been collated for Nintendo's iQue. However, some of files don't seem to fit this idea. For instance, there are some deeply personal emails between employees that would be very odd for Nintendo to be sending to developers in China to aid iQue. But, it has been speculated that the #Gigaleak is an amalgamation from many leaks and could include fake information.

Something I find personally facinating is the GNU/Linux development tools that seem to indicate Nintendo has been using Linux for a very long time. I find it unbelieveable actually. There's no Windows tools; that's believeable. But if Nintendo or 3rd parties were using Linux in 95; that's the very first Red Hat Linux (Debian of couse is absolutely unthinkable, they couldn't even manage to _not_ remove SVGAlib in 95). It stretches this leak's credibility. I can't of course get a forensic date on any of the files. Maybe it was all recently converted to Linux? But, why remove the old software? Why is there no indication of SSBUG and no software for custom dev systems? Maybe there is and no one's telling. Several sources have been compiled to finished roms by amatures which means the toolchains in the Gigaleak are fully functional on Linux. No one is relaying the proof data; just the "ooh, aah, Luigi really was in Super Mario 64" and "Yoshi was originally a very ugly dinosaur". Dev's have confirmed some of the tools and private info are real. So there's that.

And, well... there it is. Does anyone else at UVL have anything else to say about the Gigaleak?

re: The Nintendo #Gigaleak
And, well... there it is. Does anyone else at UVL have anything else to say about the Gigaleak?

If there are playable prototypes of formerly unseen games its cool. The rest is not of much interest to me.