Implementing reviews of magazines

2020-09-27 (updated 2020-09-28)

Wanted to discuss an idea of mine regarding implementing the actual magazine reviews into the game info pages. I often add game review scores of old magazines. By doing so I also enjoy actually reading some of them.

UVL already has an option to put in a link to external sites with the review. In some cases it can be done cleverly to lead directly on the correct review page (e.g. in reading mode).
I thought of using this but there is one big factor that prevents me from doing. External links tend to become broken after some years, and you can't do anything about it. You would have to correct it or remove the links. I hate that and thats also the reason why I stopped putting up links to Youtube walkthroughs some time ago. So this is not an option.

What would be the optimum?
- Firstly the format. I would like to have a review as a single file (image), which opens up on click. Not several files, no hassling around. In cases where a reviews spans more than one page it would mean some editing together of course. Everything not belonging to a review on a page should be removed. This means work, but at least its work that I like to do and its not mandatory for having a good info page (not as mandatory as screenshots for example).

- Secondly Storage: Optimum would be to store it inside UVL storage itself. Like screenshots. First of all I know that hosting such edited out parts/pages of magazines is a legal grey area. Considering that we do only offer snippets out of it and the material is 30+ years old (for which I intend to upload) and it can be gotten all over the internet without any legal trouble of the hosters that I know of, and it can always be taken down by request, I personally would fully take that risk. If it would result in UVL needing more storage and a better hosting plan, I would be willing to take the extra costs (depending). There won't be thousands reviews per day coming, so I don't even think its even a big factor.

Alternatively I could try to find an external storage host myself, upload it there and link to it. By doing that I would need some sort of guarantee that if I must switch the storage host for some reason, the links can be mass edited to a possible new storage host location. Aforemost I want to make sure that I don't have to edit hundreds or thousands external links manually, when something bad happens to external files (as I stated at the very beginning).

As an example I uploaded an "edited together" review from "Your Sinclair" for the following game on my Google Drive:

Lastly I want to say that this is not something where to expect thousands of new files suddenly. Considering how long it takes to only enter the scores (and cleaning up the game info pages along the way), it can be considered a very slow bonus process. But I like the idea to click on the different review to actually read why one magazine gave a game a suberb score while the other thought it to be crap. I also think that by reading the actual review "on click" it lessens the importance of having a general game description in the game info page (which is often missing).

As a little test I prepared all reviews of the first issue of ACE magazine (for testing purposes uploaded to my Google Drive). It has 27 reviews. The combined file size of all of them together is 9 MB. At the time this would reach two-digit GB numbers it will take years and by then storage will be even cheaper.

I uploaded all files to a new storage share. I still think that internal hosting at UVL is the best method but until further notice I will keep it as it is.

Very good idea! I always enjoy reading reviews after playing a game.
This compliments the existing scores very well.