Tagging abstract games


I want to discuss whether its a good idea to tag abstract games like board games (Chess, Checkers), Tetris-clones, pinball games, card games etc. with tags that relate to locations (earth) or historical tags. I would like to discuss it based on the most recent example Checkers for MS-DOS, which is just a plain little freeware Checkers game and got all the tags I have a little problem with.


I personally would not give the following tags:
- serious
- 1980s
- 20thcentury
- 2ndmillennium
- latemodernperiod
- present
- naturalistic
- earth
- jumping

When there is no answer of when or where a game takes place it is better to leave it out IMO. If it has no story, not even a background story or setting its also very hard to tell if its serious or naturalistic.

Its basically the question of how explicitly a location and or time-period must be stated by a game. Giving a 1980s tag just because of the release date is a very implicit thing. I would like to find a common ground for us editors for tagging this. I never did use these tags before when entering such games. Its even possible that I deleted a handful of "earth" tags in the past when seeing them in such games, because I thought them very unfitting. But I don't want to do this anymore. Better discuss this first.
For the location tags I would say we even have a good replacement tag named "abstract-location" (although I personally never used this also). But could be used as replacement for earth? Maybe a similar tag for an abstract time?

I agree. That game does not refer to any place or time frame (this is what we should look for when tagging, same for other tags).

The fact that the game was made in 1989 does not place it in that decade.

Also, can we say that the primary purpose of tags is to help finding a game ?
Hyper generic tags like "earth" or "present" are not helping anyone.