TRS-80, Alice 32 & 90.

2021-02-25 (updated 2021-03-29)

The more I learn about the Alice 32, Alice 90, and TRS-80 MC-10 the more I think it should be a platform separate from TRS-80 and Tandy Coco. They all use the 6803 CPU which is not Z80 nor 6800, like the TRS-80. 6803 and 6809 are in the same CPU family. But the Alice 90 is called a Tandy Coco clone. I somehow doubt the a 6803 machine would run 6809 software. Information available on line is contradictory. I simply don't know enough to know how to group these.

ok, I think I have almost everything sorted out.
MC-10 is not Coco nor TRS-80, It is a unique architecture not z80, 6800, nor 6809. The included BASIC has some compatibility between TRS-80 and Coco but with issues.
Mantra Alice was based on the MC-10
Alice 32 was based on Mantra Alice. The differences broke compatibility.
Alice 90 was based on the Mantra Alice and Alice 32 and restored compatibility (It runs software made for any Alice system)
The MC-10 was deeply flawed, sold extremely poorly, and was discontinued quickly. In contrast, the Alice series is known (in France)

I think we have enough info to add an Alice Mantra Series to the platforms. With a warning on the platform page that the interwebs had a lot of bad information about this series.

With a warning on the platform page that the interwebs had a lot of bad information about this series.

I am fine with adding that as platform. It should be clearly stated which machines the platform is for and that its for games that are specifically for that group of machines. If the Alice is sort of compatible with the TRS-80 and a TRS-80 game "also" runs on an Alice computer, but is not an Alice specific version it should only be a TRS-80 game entry.

That's what I mean, TRS-80 software does not run on Alice*. TRS-80 is a z80 based system. Alice is 6803 based. Or did you mean TRS-80 MC-10? Yes, I would expect MC-10 and Alice to share some compatibility on a hardware level.

*Except BASIC. But there are issues with this between different Tandy machines sharing versions of the same BASIC and I expect Alice would have the same issues and maybe more