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2008-05-08 (updated 2015-08-10)

In the original Metafight, Kane Gardner is a Metal Attacker who lands on Sophia III to pilot the Battle Tank in a vanguard against emperor Goez who has invaded the planet.
In the USA Blaster Master version, Jason Frudnick's pet frog escapes and finds a container of radioactive waste (in Jason's front yard, unexplained). The mutated frog grows to enormous proportion. While chasing the frog into a cave (In his front yard, previously unnoticed), Jason finds SOPHIA (Subatomic Omni-directional Probative Hyper-responsive Indomitable Abdicator, 3rd edition). Also referred to as "Sophia the 3rd" or is model number, Nora MA-01" or by full make and model "Sophia III Noras MA-01". He makes use of Nora to battle subterranean forces on his way to recapture his frog.

On even numbered levels, a ALL explosions can continue to do damage when the game is paused. Use this to freeze enemies on an explosion until all their life is drained. Timing is important, the target must actually be taking damage at the very moment of the pause. Be careful not to pause while Jason/Kane is taking damage, since he is susceptible to this glitch too
Blaster Master video game info