Where to put compilation title info?


I want to discuss here the best way to give compiliation info in the game entries that we editors can agree on to use universally.

At the moment there are two types to handle this and its done differently by editors:

1. Putting the info as an editor's note. Example:

2. Putting the compilation title as alt name in game entry.

I personally prefer #1. Whether cross-linking to the rest of the titles in the compilation is necessary or only the compilation name is given is personal taste and a question of how much of work an editor puts into it. A compilation with 50 titles won't look good when listing all the single games. The Super Hang-On example looks good with only a couple of other titles. I would wish some sort of style-guide how to do this when #1 is chosen and its done via editor's note (same wish for styleguide for addons/dlcs).

#2 has the advantage that you can search for the title easier. However there are two major drawbacks. First its technically not an alt name of the game, so its sort of wrong. And secondly it looks bad if the game got released in multiple compilations which makes the title look far too much blown up.

2021-04-22 (updated 2021-04-27)
I prefer option #2, for searching. Yes, if a title is in many compilations titles will look derisible. But this is only a small minority of games.

I believe I suggested long ago, another option for this; Compilations get their own entry as a false game page that shows in searches and groups, but not stats, and serves to point to the real games and helps to distinguish any uniqueness that applies to the compilation but not the original games (ie: tags. Say the compilation uses a cave theme as a way for players to 'navigate' the menu to a game to play). Now that game relations are standard, this seems even more useful.

EDIT: there is also the "Packaged With" relation suggestion. This doesn't completely solve the naming issue. This would cover flippy disks, the various separate Tandy 1K & DOS in the same package, and runs a different version on different machines (fatbinary)(C64/128 for example).