Large database of visual novels

2021-07-02 currently has 30102 games in their database while this site has has a little over 2000 vns and near 350 eroges.

Would it be possible to have the bot scan through and copy their database? they also have an entire dump of their database you can download.


Andrea might be able to bring uvlbot to scan their database.

Two things to consider:
- I hope that such a scan does not lead to duplicate entries of the vns that are already in UVL.
- I am not an expert in visual novels. UVL generally accepts visual novels as a sort of adventure game. Even if its with very limited play features like kinetic novels. Which I personally don't know if I like that fact, but I think up to now it was the easiest way to handle. But I personally hope that at least the vast majority of the 30K games are actual game-like entries and not 25K kinetic novels. Not sure how the market for theses developed in the last decade.

Scanning (or scraping) a website is not always ethically/technically possibile and usually need a lot of work to cleanup the data. UVL is scraped daily and is quite annoying BTW.
I took a look ot the DB dump, it is a Postgres DB, I have no experience with it so I couldn't do much.
I have a custom importer the given a well formatted json, game entries can be added usually avoiding duplication, but first we need to convert the db to that specific json format.
If anyone is willing to help, just get in contact.

I also agree with Teran about the games with very limited play features, they should be avoided.