Cancelled games


Are we supposed to add games that were cancelled? I've seen games that were cancelled on here so the answer is probably yes but is it worth the trouble?

You will find no definite answer for that. My personal opinion is that at least some form of prototype or playable demo must have been "released" or leaked or whatever. So if it is just an announced game that was cancelled and the only version available existed on the PC of the devs it should not be entered. Some other editors might lean to a more open-minded opinion of adding cancelled games. Especially when they have a sort of significant historical value.

Take the never released first Seiken Densetsu game as an example. ( For me its a candidate for deletion. But I assume Zerothis (another active editor) won't like that. So I kept it in all these years. You would do me a favor if you do not enter cancelled games when there is nothing playable of it available for the public. For the cancelled games that are already in the database I would advise to not delete them on sight, especially when its not a bare-bone entry. If you find a cancelled game and it does not have the cancelled tag, add it please.

As said rightfully, not all editors agree.