Why only 13,000 titles for Windows, when Steam has over 50,000 titles?

Is there a reason that I'm not aware of? Are only certain titles accepted?

Because editors follow their passions, and most of them prefer to update retro consoles/computers instead of modern ones, or Windows.

In my case, for example, I try to fully update the games I've played. But sometimes I get curious about some old console that I have never touched,
and I also work on its games.

In 2020 Steam released about 10'000 games, and for a small team like us, that never had more than ten editors at the same time, it is quite a job.

Bear in mind that there is no automatic bot that regularly scrapes other sites, most of the games are researched and entered manually.
There are some partially automatic task that clean-up, refresh the data, but they still require manual actions for every entry.

Anyone can join and help us. Even some occasional updates can really help.


I'm also not a fan of automatic bot scrapings as this usually results in tons of data you don't want.
But what I'd really like to see in the future is a manual scrape bot to get information from main sites.

Like I create a Title and have the option to manually getting data from Steam/Nintendo/Microsoft/ etc.

It then asks me what Data i want to take over for example.

Because stuff like Title, Year, Publisher, Developer, Screenshots especially for new Stuff is just copy and Paste directly from the Big Stores.