Japanese titles without romanization


@Andrea - I recognized you added quite a number of games with title in japanese characters/letters only. I predict these will eventually end up as duplicates, because no one will search in Japanese when he searches a game and as a result he assumes its not yet in the database and enters it. I think even if the publisher does not give an official english or official romanized title for the game, we should at least give a standard romanized title as alt title. Same applies to all other languages that don't use the normal roman alphabet (e.g. Cyrillic alphabet).

no one will search in Japanese

No one, minus two, because you and I do. But you are basically right in every point. Even though I search to find every official and/or widely used title in English and all Japanese variants, the fact remains, I don't so much understand Japanese in any writing variant. And when it comes to scanning title screens and box graphics I don't trust OCR and certainly don't trust my own eye and Japanese typing skills to get it correct. Often the OCR and my eye disagree and running both results through the gambit of internet searches, spell checkers, and online translation just causes more confusion. But even when the title is in the the entry, it may not be correct, the search term may not be correct, even the official title might not be properly spelled. Real world Japanese has contractions, abbreviations, short forms, alliteratives, names, puns, purposeful misspellings for various effect, and stylized text. OOOO, curses on stylized text! And, I'm still stymie by 魔鐘 but I'm finally certain all those titles are official so I try to forget I don't get it. Often I just leave the entry as-is and bookmark the problem and figure I'll take a crack at it later (maybe years later). I've tried several times, when offending Japanese speakers with my lack Japanese skills and to lure them to UVL to make corrections. I don't think it has worked to good.

At the least, there should be warnings on the Game edit page.
- Japanese detected - Please include and verify all English, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and/or Romaji that apply
- Cyrillic detected - (etc)
- Chinese - (etc)
- Hebrew detected - (etc)
- Arabic detected - (etc)
- Cherokee - (etc)
- isiZulu - (etc)
- Devanagari - (etc)
- (etc) detected - (etc)

Yesterday I've found an official list of games using from the Japanese Criware site https://www.cri-mw.co.jp/product/adoption/archive/2021.html.

I added a first batch doing minimal additions to the data available (mainly for testing the workflow) except for the company, but being the source in Japanese, most titles were kept original.

I totally agree with your concerns, before adding more games, today I'll fix all the titles missing the romanization,