Looking after 2 Apple II games/softwares


I'm looking after a Apple II game called "Bam Boom". I saw from a list on this page that this game exist. Alpha Software was the developer...
Also wonder about the software "Alphabetize" from Courseware dated 1988.
Can this be found today and what media did it come on? Theres no info on the internet except for the list here on UVL.

Good question, I tried searching for it for like half an hour.
I think it would be wise to search for the developer foremost.

Because the 2nd title I found for the studio was Banana Peel. Not much better in terms of searchability.
Maybe the game came all from the same source.

And hopefully not from a fake one.

Only Zerothis, who created the entry, can tell you where he got it from.

My personal guess: Its from an old magazine where this game was advertised and for sale. That would explain why only the title, publisher and the media (5,25" disk) is known. But as I said, its just a guess.

Many states and also local school districts in the 1980s would compile catalogs of educational software to resell to individual schools. I've browsed hundreds of them recently. Sorry, I don't remember which one(s) Alphabetize was in. Good news, these catalogs are full of errors, mislabeling of titles, wrong companies, wrote dates, wrong subjects, wrong computer system, wrong media (I've even seen Betamax titles and boxed boards games listed as TRS-80 games), etc... So, I have to confirm the games exist from other sources. Alphabetize was included on several compilations including this one.

Alpha Software is a problem I haven't solved yet; its on my todo list. I suspect there is no such company and that it is just a label used by some company I've not found yet. Perhaps the owners of this site, or the creator of that entry?, could tell you more about Alpha Software.