New type of multiplayer?


So I found this game with 3 players verses but each player targets only one other player and are the target of the player they are not targeting. It is symmetrical in the sense that no player is ever targeted by the two others. Also, the targeting is set when the game begins and does not change until the game is over. Something similar happens in some card games where players can 'attack' only the next player in the turn sequence; which of course is a turn based variant. In both turn-based and simultaneous games yet to be categorized, the arrangement could reverse order mid-game (as in some card games). In the case of 4 or more players, the arrangement could be shuffled mid-game.

This could be seen as a multiplayer type by itself. Or as multiple aspects.
limit to attacking only one other player, or n-players
limit to defending from only one other player, or n-players
dynamic selected-players-only attacking and defending
static selected-players-only attacking and defending

Note, it is already multiple aspects between simultaneous and turn-based, but this can be noted with the existing [x]turn-based game type