Calculation of "rank" in search results

Someting I found that I think is wrong:
When you have "ranks" visible in the search results, the given number of stars are not the same as in the game entry. Example: When you search for "3D Tank Duel" (with show rank option "on") it clearly shows 5 stars under "rank" in the search results. But inside the game entry itself it has the (correct) 3.5 stars. Is it a bug? Is it no longer refreshing to the newest numbers? Are the search results only based on user reviews and the game entry on user+magazine reviews?

Yes, it is a caching issue.
The cached score (that is shown in the list) is updated only when a new vote/review is cast.
A few months ago I've fixed an issue with the votest+reviews counting, but right now the correct values is shown only for the games that had a vote since then.

I was waiting for preparing and executing a batch update to all the 144K games. I'm going to do it today.

Done with the first 10K games, it took more than expected, and the CPU was quite busy ... Looks like I'll have to do it more in many small batches ...