Would Love more filter options

I would like to see more filter options like Removing games ive played, completed, would make this site perfect for collecting and keeping track of Backlog and 100% games too PLEASE ADD THIS

This thread has some useful search links:

It needs to be updated to add some of the latest UVL features, but I'm pretty sure all the links there are still valid.

This thread has some useful search links

Thank you! I'll see if some of the unlinked features are now available.

I just added the filters for the user flags, visible only for logged in users.
Now I know why I hadn't done it before, it was quite a challenge because the logic is different from the other filters and I couldn't reuse a lot of the code.
It only works with the user own flags, to see those of another user you have to edit the tags manually.
There will certainly be some fixes to be made, but everything seems to be working and it is quite useful!