2022-01-02 (updated 2022-01-02)
Default avatar images
While we are waiting for a proper avatar management (right now I'm reworking the overall image manager), I've made the default gray avatar randomly (but constantly) colored, to at least give have some visual cues when browsing the forum.

It is no longer needed to clear the custom cache of the personal pages (like "User has played") after flagging a game played/own etc.

2022 slider request ;-)

Added an new articles section in the global search.
Searches in almost any text in UVL forum, game description, reviews, and more)
It is limited to the most recent 10 results, but could be useful.

Just replaced the pie chart in all the pages using it (companies, platforms and users sections)
I was using an obsolete and deprecated Google API that could stop working in any moment, sometimes it was awfully slow.
The new pie chart (actually, a donut chart ) is made in SVG and rendered on the server, so no external images has to be loaded.

Pages still showing the old chart will need the cache to expire to show the new one.

Looks very nice!
Thanks you

I've recently made some fixes:

- Enlarged the personal icons (own, played, etc.) in games search listings.
- Fixed the layout of the game editing page to have larger Name and Alt-name fields.
- Fixed an issue in mobile navigation: pressing back the dimmed effect was still present, because now Chrome Android heavily caches the previous pages.
- Small fixed the new pie chart.