About the last two years

I haven't said anything about Covid, and I don't feel like saying much about the war we are witnessing right now...
But I really hope you are all well.

I am doing well as does my family and friends. I did not feel affected personally in any major way. Job was safe, never got infected (as far as I know) etc.

In general I am happy with not having discussions about Covid or other (geo)political topics here. We all have our opinions of the current situation of whats going on in the world. I am a politically interested person and like discussing many topics. But not here. I am glad when every topic stays related to our little videogame-related bubble here.

Thanks of the concern, I am doing well too.

Hope you are well to Andrea ;)

I appreciate this post. I'm glad to know thesw responses as well.

I was blessed to have a 'priority' job that already requires contagion containment measures and was able to continue working during lockdown.

The terrible conflict effects us all even if immediate concequences seem distant.

I'm content to have further discussions of these two subjects only in forums othere than UVL. At least until these subjects become the basis of videpgame cpntent.