IGDB integration (Filtering out platforms)

2022-03-21 (updated 2022-03-23)
Hi, I've never made an account before, but I love the site! I'd like to ask for a way to filter out platforms, and, as blasphemous as it may sound, would you ever consider combining with the IGDB API? I know next to nothing about coding, but there's great support by the devs for it. It's more complete than this site at the moment, and has far more images and videos for games included.

Thanks for being such a caring developer.

I can only give my opinion as an UVL contributor and not as the owner/developer. My major problem with it: IGDB is owned by Twitch. Twitch is owned by Amazon. And Amazon is rich as f*. I would only be positive for this if we could legally use the API to transfer game data and screenshots from them to UVL. And thats it. No connection to Twitch afterwards. No "embedded" images or videos or data from Twitch. Nothing Twitch can use to collect data from UVL users. We definitely lack data for modern games. Thats true. If something good is done to make a sort of auto update (if even only once) that would be nice. If I have the feeling that IGDB/Twitch/Amazon is making even one cent from my 'free' work here on UVL I would be against it.

I haven't visited IGDB for a long time (wasn't it sort of crowdfunded many years ago?). I did a few sample searches for more obscure titles to see how good they are in the not so common and modern games department. And what strikes me most is that they have quite a number game entries with games that have no platform/system in it:


How is it they allow game entries that do not even say if its for the Amiga, Playstation or Gameboy? Title and platform/system should be the very bare minimum.

There are many issue to cover here, for example using the API to automatically add games to UVL requires quite a bit of work, is difficult to maintain, and could lead to duplicates or bad entries.
I also need to read about possible legal issue, limitations and such. I just noticed they say it is "free" but didn't dig more.

So far every game in UVL is manually entered and verified, sometimes I fetch a list of games from other sites but I use it just for reference, they are still entered manually.

While I'm always curious about using new tools/ways to improve UVL, I think I'll skip this.

Amazon is rich as f*.

Heh. Amazon is $51 billion in debt. And that would concern me much more about what would become of my efforts to improve any service they provide. For me, it is not about money. It is about value. I don't believe Amazon places any value on their database except what income does it provide and how much can it be sold for. And it does not directly do either, yet. The people that provide their time for Amazon are many layers under the numbers that concern Amazon. They hold a very low value of their own employees. How much less must they value the time of people they do not pay to provide data that barely improves a service of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of their's? Yet, igdb data lives and dies at their periferally invested whim.

Personally, I would very much like to thank the gal or guy who compiled, for example, the 1984 Humboldt County School District Catalogue of educational computer games. Sure, it was their job, they got paid. They did not do it for UVL or me. But I know they didn't only do it for pay because, for example, no video taped matirals were listed as computer games. An acceptable error according the nearly all other such catalogues including the same tape in the 83 and 85 Humboldt County catalogues.