Filtering out platforms

2022-03-22 (updated 2022-03-23)
I'm well aware the IGDB is, well, crap. But in fairness, I've seen several games on here that only have the platform listed, and nothing else. I also hate twitch, and amazon, so it is unfortunate how well maintained IGDB is in terms of games past the year 2000, but it is the best in those terms, and this site is lacking in that regard.

I just want to use this site to find new games to play, and literally every other website for this purpose is garbage (unless you ONLY play modern games). Regardless I'm well aware that it's a tall request and probably won't happen. Hopefully it's possible to simply rip games, media and info from the site.

BTW, any thoughts on the filtering out platforms request? I'd appreciate your endorsement.

First of all, i split the thread to handle the two questions, but looks like I made it less readable, sorry.

By filtering out platforms, you mean that in the game search page you don't want to see some platforms, so any search you make those platforms are never shown.
Is this correct ?

What about the opposite ?
You have a list of "my preferred platforms" and selecting this option (in the platforms input) it just shows games from that list.
I was thinking about this for YEARS, maybe it is time to do it.

Yeah, you're correct, it'd be nice to be able to completely remove games released on certain platforms.

The first step is to be able to mark the favorite platforms, and is now ready:
Go to the platforms list and for each platform select the menu on each platform. (only logged users)
The list can be filtered by favorite platforms too.

I preferred to have a drop-down menu instead of clicking directly on the heart because this could be further expanded, i.e. for owned platforms.

Next step is to have the favorite platforms in the games search page.

Just added the new filter in the game search page!
Head to here and in the platform field select "my preferred platforms"

Also added some inline instructions in case you have no preferred platforms yet or you are not logged.

I have also fixed some issues when picking your preferred platforms.