And here I am again ...

I have to admit that when I'm here I get pretty obsessed and end up dedicating all my time to this project.
Every now and then, when I need to do something else, I force myself to take a step back and just check that everything is working well, without taking an active part in the forums and editing.

Or maybe it's just the summer weather, since it usually happens in this period ...

Anyway I'm here again, Cebion asked me if there is a team chat, so I thought I'd go back to our Slack because there can always be something important to discuss in private.

Any editor can ask to participate, they are certainly welcome.
You can request it here or write me directly on [email protected]

Good to see you back. After the first few months without even a logon I was a bit concerned, but not overly much, because its not the first time and the site itself was stable. And I was relieved to see a login from you a few weeks ago (although you did not post anything).