It was this one https://www.unseen64.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/hellra63.jpg and if I remember correctly it was at least one or two from a rom-demo (only part of title screen, no game behind it). I must question of course why this should get an entry again? Until someone finds a working prototype or at least something playable this is vaporware. Will post more this evening. Got to go to work. You intend to restore the game entry?

2022-10-27 (updated 2022-10-27)
Ok. Back. Hellraiser is a delicate topic I think.

First of all:

I think this should be restorable. The three deleted images should be around the net. No demo-rom title screen... I think that was a different (horror) NES game. So it was the photo of the title screen and the two promo articles/pictures.

Now to the reason of the deletion and why this game - in contrast to others - did not just get the "todo-verifyexistence" tag. Hellraiser has been researched to death. Even Youtube videos about the game exist. And with this we can say that by anecdotal evidence this game was in development and advertised but in the end was not finished, not released and nothing of it remains to this day. Even 20 years after the creation of the game entry nothing substantial, less alone playable, appeared. Before I deleted it I remember that I checked all the sites that try to find "lost games" and even watched said YT video(s). The game has a very interesting history. With Color Dreams vs. Nintendo, the plans of using special hardware for the game and a well-known IP its based on. But this is nevertheless a case for "games-that-werent" sites and not for UVL. This is not some obscure game thats in UVL because it appeared in an old magazine and seemingly has not been dumped yet, but could pop up suddenly... the stuff that usually gets the todo-verifyexistence" tag. The status of Hellraiser is clear. If ever some prototype should appear this will be a big event and won't stay unnoticed and it will get its proper entry. Yes, its a bit sad to delete the "story behind the game", but this is just not a valid entry in my eyes. Maybe a wonder happens (like with Warcraft Adventures, that was released not so long ago in playable state to the publich) and we can add it to UVL. Thats my opinion about this.

If it happens and we are restoring the entry than I am at least glad if we can restore it fully (I will search for the other promo pics now) because it seems you care for this entry very much.

BTW a similar case is: https://www.uvlist.net/game-168795-Seiken+Densetsu+The+Emergence+of+Excalibur
Another entry that I would rather see deleted. I have slight hopes that maybe this can be found somewhere in SquareEnix archives, but until then I would also rather have this deleted. If this appears this would also be a huge thing and not stay unnoticed.

All images can be found here:

Edit 2:
I see that you already re-created the entry. I added the images.

Edit 3:
I added a group for the hellraiser tag. Tags without groups (red tags) should be avoided or group made. I also added the tag "uvl-deleterequest" with the note that despite my request this should not be deleted until its decided what to do with a game in this kind of "state".

While I totally agree with the removal of games we just heard about but no one has ever played, I would treat some special cases differently.
I'm talking about very special cases, not the tons of games announced and never developed, but games that, for some reason, a reasonable number of people want to know more about.

NES Hellraiser could be one of them.

Alright. Will keep Hellraiser.

With Seiken Densetsu there is the additional problem, that there is a NES and Famicom Disk System entry, because as per description this project was started for FDS and wandered over to a cartridge project and eventually over to SNES. Can't the full story of development be described in the SNES version? If not, can't it at least be done in one instead of two 8-bit entries?

Agreed. Emergence of Excalibur should ne merged to the SNES entry.

I edited the Secret of Mana entry to include the info from "Seiken Densetsu: The Emergence of Excalibur". The two 8-bit screenshots are also added as "pre-release" screenshots. The old entries are still up and will be deleted in the near future if no further objections come up.