Possible duplicate

2022-12-13 (updated 2022-12-13)
Am I being blind?
Why is

a version of



Definitely a duplicate: deleted

Duplicates are not uncommon. Having duplicates with a version relation is very uncommon. Sometimes it is because the second version that has a tag that hints that the game is for a different platform thats not in UVL. That sometimes applies to very old platforms. So it is always advised to have a good look at the tags. But I doubt that was the case here.

Zerothis created a tag for those special cases of games: https://www.uvlist.net/groups/info/uvl-platform-limitation

Example of a MS-DOS game that has a version relation with another MS-DOS game is here:


Here it is indeed a duplicate, "The Ultimate Canine Caper" is the subtitle of the game but not a prequel .... The game is called ""2nd" because it is the game adapted from the film Beethoven 2 but there was no Beethoven 1 on Snes


Feel free to delete one (images must be deleted first for it to work). Its really not that uncommon. The game must have been entered from two different databases/lists where it apppeared under different names and it wasn't checked properly by screenshot etc.