New Platform must be added

The history of the Manchester Mark I must be considered. On that computer, the video game, Game of Drafts, was created, which would be older than OXO

I open debate guys :)

For the moment use "custom" platform for this. Creating a new platform for Manchester Mark I depends a bit on how many games were released for it. Since its very very old I doubt there is anything besides the Game of Draughts. Could create a hardware tag and group for the Manchester Mark I to have a group with a bit of description.

You're right, it's very old. I will create the platform option. Indeed, it is the only video game that has this platform, but EDSAC only has OXO, and it is also present on this page. Manchester Mark I, has the merit of being the oldest to display images using circuits, allowing the machine to respond to the gamer's moves.

2023-03-12 (updated 2023-03-12)
I don't know if you are actually be able to create/edit platforms or if this needs higher user rights. The problem with platforms is that they cannot be deleted afterwards. So I advise anyone to be very careful with this. I edit the game in a way I think it should be in the database right now and created a group for the Manchester Mark 1.

Edit: The reason why there is an EDSAC platform and not platforms for similar machines is simply that the EDSAC was created as platform very early in UVL history. At that time there was no "custom" platform yet. The custom platform was later created to somehow put those games into the database where creating a separate platform would be difficult, because if we list all the old university computers and mainframes under their own platform we get a total platform inflation. Tags/groups are better for that.

Edit 2: Release dates can be written as yyyy or yyyymm or yyyymmdd. So if you want to re-add May 1951 it should be 195105. Its also unknown to me if this was a single player game or two-player game.