It's not a video game, it's electromechanical. I will delete it for not conforming to the standard

2023-05-01 (updated 2023-05-01)
re: Sega Moto Champ
All games are welcome. We have a group for electro-mechanical games. Not very impressive yet, we need an editor come along and has a passion for this category.

Also note please ensure that when you delete a duplicate that it is actually a duplicate. Sometimes games with the precise same titles are released multiple times in the same platform, and even from the same publishers. A sufficiently different remake, basically a new code base, for example can appear legitimately twice. For example, I don't think the entry for 3D Tic-Tac-Toe by IBM was a duplicate. It was marked as an engine remake and had a port relation to other games. Which seem to have also been deleted in error. If you believe something with specific tags and relations is a duplicate of another entry please ask on the forums. Also please investigate it carefully.

On here's the important detail for 3D tic-tac-toe,"This is an unofficial port obtained through reverse-engineering" I don't know what the exact circumstances for the creation of a reverse engineered version of the game was in this case. But this sometimes happens when the original source code for a game is lost, someone or more likely a team will reverse engineer the executables to recreate source code. The source code for a reverse engineering project, then presents a way for the game to be ported to other platforms. Thus the reverse engineered version has tags and relations and is unique from the original.

We currently don't have a way to easily restore deleted entries. If a deletion is made in error, it must be restored manually by creating a new game entry and re-entering all the information.

Our 'rules' here at UVL sort of like multiple layers of tradition and precedent. We are built upon a world of available games, that don't come from a single set of rules as well. Adding their own layers of complexity. I encourage you to search the forums to find discussions on how unknowns have been settled in the past and I encourage you to ask in the forums for anything that doesn't have a clear stated consensus.