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Race/Spinout/Cryptogram video game info

2008-08-02 (updated 2020-01-05)

Due to a technical limitation in UVL, the forward slashes "/" in the alternate titles cannot be used distinctively nor exactly as they appeared in the game's original materials. This is only a minor difference, the look main title is accurate and the other titles' layouts can be inferred from it.

Magnavox AC9400
Phillips PDSF PHG 7101
Phillips PDSF PH 01
Radiola PNSF RA 1
Philips 06 AV 9400 (Brazil, 1982)
Philips PDSF 271 01209 (The + Version, 1983)
Philips PDSF 271 01409 (The + Version in French, 1983)
Jopac JFA E01 (Another French + Version, 1983)
Race/Spinout/Cryptogram video game info