Space Race vs. Asteroid

A question to Becoro:

About Space Race and Asteroid. I think these should be merged as one entry. I understand from reading the description and the Wikipedia article that Atari and the game was Atari and Midway produced different arcade cabinets based on the same game. If code was also changed it was only marginal I think. By all means I think its the same game.

When Atari went bankrupt (2013 edition), Space Race was sold to Tommo Inc, Asteroid was not. This is the latest lawsuit involving Space Race/Asteroid. 40 years of litigation have treated these two games as separate entities while acknowledging their common origin.

It is a Clone video game, it was made without authorization from Atari; and as Zerothis relates, there have been 40 years of litigation.

The underlying issue, which I once asked, was whether we uploaded only the originals, or also the cloned ones, and the answer, as I remember, was that we could upload them anyway.

In this particular case, it is perhaps the most iconic of the cloned video games, since literally even the motherboard was copied.

Recently, as a result of the enormous proliferation of "Pong", I uploaded, for example, the video game "Snoopy Pong", which is basically the same as "Pong" or "Puppy Pong" or "Doctor Pong", but the The difference, despite being manufactured by the same ATARI, is that the three names are registered individually, and were marketed individually. Did they scam the clients of those years? Haha, I think so, but that's another story.

Space Race and Asteroids looked very suspicious to me because the exact same screenshot was used in both entries. I personally think it should be merged but you can keep it separate if you want. In general for Arcade games we should take note what the MAME team says about the titles. If a title is listed as "clone" system then it normally should not get its own entry. In case of Space Race and Asteroid they are not in MAME, so I cannot bring that argument.

The same catch? Of course, they are clones, but there are still photos of the cabinets, as I mentioned. The issue of clones is complex; In my opinion, I would not include any clone (Although that would be a huge problem, to distinguish which is the clone, or which is not, especially in the nebulous period of the 70's and 80's); but as I saw that they are included here, it is unacceptable that these clones are not there. (and then I understood why you include clones)

You can play them by downloading a DICE 0.9 app.

In MAME, there is practically a huge gap between the years 1972 and 1976; Since I am already working in 1974, approaching the dates that the MAME teams have, I am sure that I will cause some healthy discussion here and there.

Anyway, as you can see, I was missing for several weeks, that's because in my free time, I was researching various sources of the video games that I will upload (like the simple ones that I am using in "source" like mobygames or others similar), some They are in PDF and others I am openly translating from Russian (there is a page that I will leave here, very good to find out the history of the companies,

Just to take advantage of complementing, and not cause stress; I generally cross-reference data between the various sources and make inquiries with some creators; many are alive, and have pages on linkedin, facebook, or other social networks, and they respond, notwithstanding the tons of pages that David Ahl uploaded to the "Internet Archive" page, there, there are even games that can be played on line emulating BASIC.


Hi, can you verify the companies link? Sounds interesting but returns a 404


You are absolutely right, it was my mistake, the correct link is this:

("es", it is because I am Spanish speaking, and it is loaded by default like this)

There, a search engine will open, and when you enter the company you want to investigate, the data will appear. In my case, I am adding very old video games, I love knowing the dates of founding and death.