Correct linking to Youtube videos

Because I had to fix a lot of links in the last 1-2 days I want to mention this:

When you link to YT videos only use the individual part of the URL. No "" part.

Correct linking:

Incorrect linking:

I also want to mention that I checked all older videos and I sadly had to delete over 50 videos because they were removed from Youtube.

I use at least the option provided by the "Add media shortcuts" page, and I place the link there.

Regarding the older links, it is true and unfortunate that they are being eliminated over time, which makes me question myself, adding youtube links, unless we could have our own UVL channel on youtube, perhaps it would be good idea, thus, the videos are downloaded and uploaded from our server, as long as it is done with the authorization of the respective content creators.

A new editor with a YT-Longplay channel linked lots of his/her videos. Thats fine, but none of the videos worked.

I see no chance to host the videos themselves or make a YT-channel. Consumes too many resources and time. Its not the focus of the site. The longplay videos of "Virtual Gaming Library" channel are slowly dying. From time to time I have to do a cleanup.

Suggestion: for future, please tag entries that have had videos deleted due to no longer being available

Suggestion: for future, please tag entries that have had videos deleted due to no longer being available

Why? I deleted over broken 250 videos from vgaminglibrary because they were removed from YT. And there are still more that need to be deleted. Look at this:

Broken videos and external links get deleted. Simple as that. Vgaminglibrary obviously deleted the vids from YT (channel still active). He knows he linked them to UVL. I am not honoring this "past work" by creating tags, when the user himself does not seem to care himself. And what does this tag help with? Maintencance tag? The vids are gone. Nothing to maintain. And the tags offer no information about the games themselves but would only inflate the number of unnecessary tags.

I understand that zerothis would need the tag to eventually add a new video, but this adds more work to the already boring job of cleaning up the site. It would be better to avoid this.

I'm not willing to store videos in the server for many reasons (cost, management, integration, etc.)
The idea of a UVL YT channel is instead nice: "maybe" the videos there will not be deleted, but I have no idea about the amount of DMCA requests..
Could be this the reason for those deleted videos?

I've actually created one channel ages ago and never used, I could invite anyone is interested, there are different roles, and simple editors can add but not delete contents.

About the incorrect YT links, the UI could be better and maybe avoid these issues just checking the format.


It seems like a good idea to me, I offer to help, I know it takes time.

I have a question, if we manage a YouTube page, could the link be placed in uvl?

If you make a UVL YT video channel you have to produce your "own" videos. Thats a totally different amount of work compared linking to pre-existing videos.

@Becoro, the links to the videos will be handled just like before, each video has to be linked manually.
As teran01 said, having a channel means producing our own videos to upload, looks like a big effort task.

I've seen new "wrong" video additions with the entire "" URL ...
I decided to embrace the problem instead of fighting it, and now that too is accepted.