Some fixes and happy birthday to UVL

Just fixed an potential issue with the password reset function, another fix related to users management was done a few weeks ago.

Also, UVL is now 25 years old! This is a huge amount of time for a human being, but for a website is almost unbelivable.
Not as old as the 1994 The Simpsons Archive, but close!

A time when Netscape Navigator ruled the internet, a time when I went to The Spoiler Centre for game walkthroughs, and a time when you risked pop-up hell when visiting Warez sites in search for ROMS.

Happy Birthday UVL.

And thanks for the fixes. This helps me with user questions/prevents upcoming problems that I could not help with so far.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the hard work everyone!

Wow this site is older than gamefaqs!