Images not loading

Hey guys,

are images loading for you guys?
On my main page the screenshots are blank.
Clicking on it gives me Content failed to load warning.

I experience the same issues. Something seems to be broken overnight. Maybe something with the server hosting the images or a caching problem. Or Andrea is working on something in the background. But I don't think so. Will try to get his attention. This is quite serious if this isn't resolved soon.

Just got reply from Andrea. He will look into it beginning of next week. Can't do it earlier. Seems something happened with the galleries function. He is positive that he can fix it whatever the problem is. The rest of the site seems to function normally.

Some obersavtions.

- As soon as a group page or platform page or company page gets "refreshed" (e.g. by clicking on "refresh this page cache"), the images go black.

- Newly entered games and uploaded images from today seem to be fine. Even after doing the cache refresh.
For this company I made cache refresh. All images gone, except the one I made today (Wrdl-f).

So for the moment I advise not to do the page cache refresh - which would be me only anyway I guess ;-)

Thank you for the observations.

I ask you all to not add new images until I fix the issue.
There is a chance that to restore the images I'll have to scrap the new ones.

Also please report any other issue, it could help to find the cause more quickly.
Thank you.

Is it fixed? Green light for screenshot uploads?

I've restored the images... The images were actually OK, but an hacker managed to ruin part of the images database, but I'll not say more about this.
Yesterday I fixed the page used for the attack, today I restored the images.

Please check for any other issue, my last resort was to restore the entire site to one week ago if I couldn't fix, and I still could do it if really necessary.

Anyway, green light of images upload.

Thank you Andrea for looking into it!