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Martians vs. Robots video game info


Who could have believed it? The Earthlings invented a race of robots and wiped themselves out! Now the Martians are the only ones left in our solar system that can clean up the mess. They better hurry though, because the Robots are growing fast and consuming all the crystal ore to be found! It's a race for resources! And no matter how well the Martians were able to hide from the humans, a confrontation with the Robots is inevitable!

Game Features:

* Classic Asteroids style single player arcade mode
* LAN or Internet Multiplayer (supports up to 24 players at a time)
* Randomly generated maps
* Build your own custom maps and share them!
* Full technology trees for each side that your team can research together
* Multiple ships for each side and a full arsenal of weapons to go with them!
* Homing Missiles, Beam weapons, EMPs, Cloaking, Teleporters, and more!
* Real Physics mode (for those who are brave enough!)
* Gravity Wells, weapon turrets, and more!

source: www.tommytwisters.com/?page_id=6

Martians vs. Robots video game info