I have a doubt, there are several games that had diverse releases, for example "game-270278", which was released by volly and ramtek in 1974, but by seeburg in 1975, which means that when one reviews the release history of The Seeburg company appears to have been launched in 1974, which is incorrect.
My question is, is it necessary to create a new video game entry or is it enough to mention it in the description?
I at least did that, I mentioned it in the description. As you can see, I am making a huge effort to complete the arcade history as much as possible, and it has not been easy due to the well-known mafia world of the time around licenses.

Thank you

Only one game entry. Mention it in the description.

It happens sometimes that a company is founded later than a game they release. Maybe a game was released in Japan in 1983 by Comapny A. In 1984 company B is founded in the USA. Company B licenses the Japanese game and publishes it in 1985 in the USA. So now there is a 1983 game on the company profile page of company B, because the first date counts. Thats not very cool, but its better than a second game page. This could only be corrected if we had several region releases or re-releases hardcoded inside a single game page. But for the moment thats not an option.