"Quest" genre?


I've encountered "Quest" in various places as the game genre, usually for point-and-click adventure games, yet I've been unable to find definition for the genre. So if anyone knows, please enlighten me, it "seems" to be quite popular.

Actually I've seen this mostly on Russian websites, but since I can't read a word of that, it isn't very helpful for me.

Edit: as an example, see this en.akella.com/Game.aspx?id=36

Seems to be adventures in Sierra's "xxxxx Quest" series style, thus maybe someone invented the name quest for such games. Maybe its a region specific used word. I personally never heard of such a word for "genre" before. It's just "adventure" for me.

Coming back to this question, I'm still unclear what people mean with it.

Here's more examples: armorgames.com/category/quest-games
Pity they don't bother explaining what they mean with it there at all.

I've also seen Amnesia series and the upcoming Soma called quest games. They're very strong in the adventure genre gameplay, so I still feel it's a variety of adventure genre. Looking at the games in the above link however seems to point more into adventure fiction genre than the game genre.

I never heard of it.

Maybe it is just about video games that are mission-based, I'm not sure. To me, it just sounds like an element of gameplay, not a whole video game genre.

They define it as "games with quests". So I doubt it is meant as a genre, but focused on a single game element (the inclusion of "quests").

Edit: Just what Dandyboh posted a minute before...

The all have an arduous search for something?

I guess game developers bent the word "quest" quite a bit from its original meaning nowadays. Looking into "quest logs" or RPGs most of them are not what you would call "quest" in the original sense, but mission / task etc.

So... objective-based games? Because Amnesia and Soma don't really have quests, they do have stated objectives however, and they definitely aren't mission-based.

It took forever, but I've finally confirmed this is genre name for adventure games used in aforementioned Russia and related countries.