I have a question regarding this entry https://www.uvlist.net/game-168624-Crayon+Shin+chan+4+Ora+no+Itazura+Dai+Henshin

Are hack games included in UVL? or only the legal ones? Are Mods the same?

I searched the forum, and there are some old discussions about it from 2014, but it's not clear to me.

From what I read Zerothis, if the hack changes the game a lot, it can be included as a separate entry.

I thank you for the guidance.


There is no fixed rule. I agree with Zerothis. If only sprites and a few graphics are changed it should not get its own entry. So the Mario mod for the Crayon Shin Chan game should not get its own entry. It looks like they reused the levels and only changed sprites. The same goes for simple fan made level packs for games like Doom. Those should not get its own entry.

What can get its own entry: When a game is a "total conversion" and it becomes a totally different and new game. Most famous examples are Counterstrike (Half-Life mod) and Dota (Warcraft 3 mod).

The area between simple sprite hack and total conversion is difficult to define.

Thank you very much for your opinion, it is very valuable to me. The truth is I agree with you, there are wonderful hack creations, but any superficial and poor changes should not be considered.