Thank you for giving us space to collaborate.
In the same sense, I would like to ask you, if it is okay if I can make comments in Spanish, regarding video games, in the "personal reviews" (not in the rest, since I understand that it is to maintain a standard)

Thank you

If you want to add a few personal reviews in Spanish its fine with me. I very very rarely see non-English reviews and I think I never deleted them so far.

If we speak of mass adding Spanish reviews my opinion is different. But I think you want to do this only for a few games that you played and not copy&paste hundreds of reviews over from another source. So I have no problem with that. My personal problem with non-english reviews is that I cannot see directly if something is spam or inappropriate content.

I agree with teran01, but please consider that finding comments in other languages could be confusing for many users who take it for granted that the site is in English.