Avoiding Overly Generic Tags

To maintain the effectiveness and usefulness of our tagging system, please be cautious when applying overly generic tags. These tags, while broad, can dilute the specificity and value of our categorization if used too liberally.

So please avoid over-tagging:
Refrain from using tags that apply to the vast majority of games.
Tags should help users narrow down their search, not expand it.

One of these tags is earth, I've add this to the "Do not use the tag if" section:
Games with minimal Earth references that are not integral to the gameplay or narrative.

A classic tennis or chess game should not be tagged with earth, for example.

Similar thread with some more problematic "overused" tags https://www.uvlist.net/forum/thread/176037/title

A for "earth" I personally only use it when the action takes place "all around earth", so more than a specific country or continent. "X-COM: Ufo Defense" is a classic example where the tag fits. Or any Indiana Jones games where he travels to several places all around earth. Or "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?". But at the moment its not defined as such. For cities I think that I tag up to country. So for something taking place in Paris I would also tag france. But not higher. And depents if its only one city or ten. If its ten cities to tag its not likely that I add the countries, because the game does not seem to concentrate much on that country. A continent tag like europe I use when the action takes place in more than one European country (e.g. ww2 wargames). If the map concentrates on the whole continent I do not use the single countries tag. If the action takes place around a specific border then I would likely mention the two or three bordering countries as well. For things like formula 1 racing games or tennis games I do not mention cities/countries at all but only tag the official racing tracks etc. If there are no real-life racing tracks it would be different and it could be that I would just tag the countries if they are named. Thats where it gets fuzzy.

I agree on all your examples.
Some of the these overused tags could be just container tags, that trigger a warning when used.