2024-06-02 (updated 2024-06-02)
Some updates made last month:

The global search (accessible when "anywhere" is selected in the search box) now recognizes many system name abbreviations, such as PS1, ZX, Intv, 360, etc.
This comes useful when searching directly for a platform, but the global search has another trick.
You can search for a game specific platform with a bracket will search for all Xbox360 games with the word space in the title

The global search also had a layout update to better use available space.

Updated the PS3 console image and added images for Action Max, NEC Supergrafx, Zeebo

Updated the timeline and year recap page. These pages are still in WIP but at least share the new layout.

Events now have the type shown as an icon.

Thank you Andrea!

Thanks to you and all the editors!