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NiGHTS Into Dreams... video game info


NiGHTS into Dreams is possibly the most original game to ever grace any console.
NiGHTS is a creature of a children dream world called Nightopia. Nightopia is being threatened by the evil Wiseman, so NiGHTS gets help from two children to fight him, Claris and Elliot. You then play as them and as NiGHTS in their dreams.

The gameplay is simply a mix of puzzle, racing game concepts and flight. You fly around as NiGHTS with the analog stick and you collect a minimum of blue spheres within the time limit. The more spheres and extra stuff you get in the least time, the higher your score is.
When you got at least a C you can fight the boss of the area (every boss is defeated in a different way).
NiGHTS Into Dreams... video game info