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2010-01-02 (updated 2010-04-22)

premade protagonist - besides being able to choose your gender (which only affects what you look like), you have absolutely no choice who your character is, later you get to choose which class to progress, though.
adv-static - does not occur when the character gains a generic level, but when they assign a point to class (mastery) level. Same points are used to unlock and increase the power of your class abilities, but a large number needs to be dedicated to unlocking class levels as well. Regular levels only give points to distribute: 2 for attributes, 4 for classes.
seamless world - there are a number of breaks, mostly when player goes on a sea voyage to reach another distant region. Otherwise, the world is massive.
sauroids - there's humanoid crocodiles/alligators, dinosaur-like ice raptors, and the centauroid mini-dragon things.
china - although never named thus (called the Orient instead), the map shows clearly the eastern side of mainland China with the island of Taiwan to the east and Hainan to the south and some other recognizable elements.

req-swapfile - can be disabled by adding line `skipCompatibilityChecks = true´ to file `Documents/My Games/Titan Quest/Settings/Options.txt´.

--- averted
historically inaccurate - although Sparta was established in 11th century BCE and the Yellow Emperor reigned in around 27th century BCE, the Yellow Emperor apparently has waned to myth, people doubting his existence, so he's likely some form of an immortal within the setting though this is not elaborated.
Titan Quest video game info