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2003-02-27 (updated 2016-09-30)

You take the role of a barbarian hero, who is unequalled in combat amongst the men of the northlands, however this quest will be, by far, your toughest trial.

To play Galdregon's Domain successfully you must not attempt to kill all the creatures, human or otherwise that you meet, although your strength in combat is generally much greater than your opponents you cannot possibly take them all on and win. You must employ stealth and cunning to outwit your opponents. It may be necessary to run from a tribe of Hobgoblins so you can sneak around them to steal a gem.

The basic aim of Galdregon's Domain is to recover the five gems of Zator and return the to King Rohan. Each gem is known to be held by one of five powerful creatures. You can be sure that the gem holders will be no push over, so before you attempt to take them on, try to gain some knowledge of their strengths ans weaknesses. The best source of information will be the local inns dotted about the countryside.

There are many objects in the lands of Mezron that may aid, or hinder you in your quest, weapons such as the Great Two Handed Sword of the Stone Giants or the Daggers of Quarx. Magical items such as wands and cloaks will give you great power over your enemies and when the going gets tough casting a fireball from a scroll will give a decided edge. Potion bottles can also be found, some of which increase your strength others may contain poison. Other objects include plate metal armour and food.
Galdregon's Domain video game info