About ISS: Incredible Shrinking Sphere

ISS: Incredible Shrinking Sphere video game info

2002-11-30 (updated 2013-09-29)

The planet Sangfalmadore is the Sphere Corps' battle training arena, also called the DEATH RUN.

Colonel-in-Chief Matt Ridley, a frustrated desk bound officer of the Corps Elite decided to test his skills behind the controls of a FIGHTER SPHERE and attempted to complete the DEATH RUN.

Ridley couldn't handle it! His FIGHTER SPHERE has been disabled by ASSASSIN SPHERES and he's now stranded somewhere within the RUN.

Your task aboard a FIGHTER SPHERE is to find a route through the traps and assassins of DEATH RUN and locate Ridley. This will enable an automatic Shuttle Sphere rescue. Sounds easy, but can YOU handle it?
ISS: Incredible Shrinking Sphere video game info