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2010-08-27 (updated 2012-05-15)

Metro-Cross is a port of a not too well known arcade game by Namco. The gameplay is very simple. You have to run from left to right and make it to the finish before the time runs out. The course is filled with various obstacles and a few extra items. The game is just average. I expected a bit more, because I played the Atari ST version in the past and I liked that quite a bit. But in the Famicom version you don't have much time to react because the player character is placed too much towards the center of the screen. Although I must admit that this problem is the same as in the arcade version. So it all relies on how good you memorize the levels. There are not much different background graphics or other graphical elements and the same music plays again and again. This game is good for a try or two, but becomes boring after that rather soon.

You're not alone in liking the ST version Power Play said it was the 2nd best game of 1987
Metro-Cross video game info