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APOX is a real-time strategy game that uniquely includes gameplay concepts from first-person shooters. Like in a FPS, you can prone, crouch, switch active weapons, throw grenades, and loot corpses. Soldiers in APOX have limited ammo, but ammo sharing is done seamlessly. Soldiers can be placed in vehicles, and this essentially lets you create your own unit designs. APOX keeps everything that makes RTS great like making bases, controlling strategic sites, and managing your resources.

The eight missions included are designed to show basic combat and explain the unique aspects to APOX's gameplay. From there, play in one of 100 scrimmage maps against AI-controlled bots. Then, play in one of 100 scrimmage maps against AI-controlled bots. Play with your friends against bots in co-op mode or play against other people in versus mode.

Key features:
* FPS-like tactics including prone, taking cover, limited ammo, weapon drops
* 8 Combat Training Missions
* 100 Scrimmage Maps
* Massive games with up to 32 players
* Play against AI-controlled bots in single player or co-op mode
* Play against humans in versus mode
* Internet matchmaking lobby, clans, ratings, and stat tracking

source: store.steampowered.com/app/80000

APOX video game info