About Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising video game info


Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a full-scale, massively multiplayer online role playing (MMORPG) action-adventure game, that immerses players in a universe that brings Roman myth and legend to life in spectacular fashion.

Explore ancient lands and witness the cusp of civilization in vivid and expansive environments that contain multiple races and creatures from Roman Mythology in a vibrant world full of unpredictability. Players can set themselves apart and help define their role in the Roman Empire by fully customizing their characters, with up to four different character classes to choose from, each with their own strengths, traits and abilities.

Unleash an arsenal of weapons, lay waste to mythological creatures, and command an army of minions while seeking favor from the gods. Captivate an ancient world through the eyes of a Demigod (child of both a god and mortal) and once a celebrated Roman hero who embarks on an epic quest of discovery. Return the honor to your ancestral estate and seek vengeance for the death of your family at the hands of an ancient enemy who has returned to destroy the Roman Empire and conquer the Olympian gods.

The Roman epic is back with a vengeance!

Key features:
* Unique Squad-Based Minion System: Build a custom squad of minions that will do everything in their power to serve and protect the player’s every move, while leveling up along their side. Choose from fellow Roman soldiers to mythological creatures; squad members are earned, awarded and purchased as players’ progress through the game.
* Massive Player Estates: The Hero's goal is to regain the power of the gods and rebuild their estate to the impressive retreat it once was. Players can construct buildings and structures that affect the quality of their minion army.
* Intense Combat Action: Players wield an arsenal of weapons and the powers of the gods themselves, including dramatic finishing moves for intense battle sequences.
* Immortal Powers: Aligned with the deity of their choosing, players complete quests to earn favor and gain supremacy by using an impressive arsenal of god-like powers.
* Deadly Mythological Beasts: The heroes of Rome face Centaurs, Cyclops and Medusa herself, each with unique sets of abilities that provide intense challenges as players lead their minions to victory.
* Graphic Combat: Players experience the fierce brutality of Roman Gods and the Heroes who fight in their honor.
Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising video game info