DOS - Windows games

Just to reassure myself: I started the game Empire Deluxe to make better screenshots for it. I expected it to be only a DOS game, but to my surprise together with the DOS version there was also a version startable for Windows 3.x on my (original) CD-ROM. Should I make two entries in UVL now? One for DOS and a separate one for Windows 3.x?

2011-08-13 (updated 2011-08-13)
Two versions, yes. It's just one of the few cases where you get a game for multiple platforms in same package. As an example I like repeating, all Blizzard games are released for both Windows and Mac on same CD/DVD/whatever, you can't get them for only one platform.

Edit: it gets more confusing when a game is officially patched to run on different OS, there's few DOS and Mac OS Classic games like that.

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There are several games that have a Win 3.1 Entry and a Windows Entry.
I can totally understand Dos and Win 3.1 but Win 3.1 and Windows?

Delete as duplicate?

Putt Putt:
According to Mobygames there is a 1995 Win3.1 version and a 1996 Windows (95+) version. I guess these could indeed be different versions. If the 1996 version is not running on Win3.1 then it should not be deleted.

Freddy Fish 2:
Very hard to say. Mobygames again lists Win3.1 and Windows version separately. But now with same release date. I don't know if this hints its one and the same version running on both systems or two different versions of the game. Undecided. Can't help with that.

Laura Bow 2:
Lots of things incorrect here. First of all the Win3.1 version is from 1993 and not from 1998. Maybe this was mistaken by the re-release via "Best of Sierra" (I remember those Sierra magazines with full games in the German market as well) and the editor thinks this was the first time released as Windows in 1998. I don't think there is a distinct Windows version. Mobygames lists a 2017 Windows version but thats just a GOG emulation of the DOS or Win3.1 CD-Release from 1993. So here I would suggest to delete Windows version and correct the Win3.1 release date from 1998 to 1993.

re: DOS - Windows games
Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 or larer are different operating systems. So 2 different versions of the game. Windows 3.1 in many ways is a layer on top of DOS with 16-bit capabilities. Windows 95 is 32-bit with minimal DOS compatibility to provide 16-bit Windows backwards comparibility.

Yes, a patch to make a game run on a later or even different OS is confusing. Not always sure if these are 2. It helps if the publisher or developer actually provides both exicutables since that formal-semantically makes it two differnt games. There's also often cross-platform features. Such as a pure DOS game that is able to detect that Windows is running and offer the Windows Sound System (or Microsoft Sound System) as a sound card option. And numerous DOS games offer Tandy Sound and/or Tandy Graphics while some use separate executables for each system and still others use specific disks (sold separatly or in the same box) for each system.