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Achron takes place in Remnant System, where humanity discovered teleportation technology from alien ruins. Humans had never encountered another intelligent alien race, until aliens suddenly attacked outer colonies and came into the Remnant System. After the massive human fleet was decimated, the alien forces inexplicably became disorganized before finishing their conquest. Humanity is on the brink of discovering time travel from alien technology. As one of the survivors and humankind's first "Achronal" being, you must piece together what happened and unravel the mysteries surrounding the alien invasion.

Key features:
* The first game to ever feature multiplayer time travel
* Players can freely move about the timeline to change strategies, preempt opponents' strategies, and don't need to perform the "clickfest" that RTS games tend to be
* Players can send units back or forward in time and attack an opponent's factory and undo the opponent's creation of part of their army
* The game engine handles all sorts of time travel situations from literature, including the grandfather paradox. Achron has even been used by philosophy professors from top-tier universities to experiment with their ideas about time travel.
* Achron's time manipulation can change the way you think about the world, in a positive way.
* Up to 15 simultaneous players in a game
* Unique and well-balanced RTS gameplay mechanics
* Novel units and three distinct factions with very different play styles
* Balanced using state-of-the-art mathematical game theory techniques
* Hierarchical unit control
* Compelling and thought provoking story
* 35 unique and engaging single-player campaign levels, comprising around 30-60 hours worth of single-player gameplay (depending on player's abilities)
* Customizeable engine that allows players to create maps and mods
Achron video game info