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Ultima VI: The False Prophet video game info

2006-09-12 (updated 2017-05-14)

Comes with four 3.5' disks and seven 5.25' disks. Published by GT Interactive in 1992 in smaller box and without a cloth map.

Cheryl Chen developed a computer language for the game's dialog called UCS (Ultima VI Conversation Syste. Previous Ultima games had a software limits to how much text could be spoken by an NPC. Versions of Ultima IV utilizing UCS have no such limit.

When the guy is channel surfing during the intro there's a man on TV holding a book that gets struck by lightning and turns to dust. The phone number on the screen is (512) 328-0282. People could call the number to buy the Official Book of Ultima by Shay Adams. This was a hint book, collection of Ultima lore, history and behind the scenes info.

The Zebra-Centaur poster seen in the intro is based on a sketch by long time Ultima and Wing Commander artist Keith Berdak. A Nagel painting was first choice of the Ultima team and early unreleased version of the game had this instead. Origin was unable to secure the rights to use the copyrighted work, but it can nevertheless been seen on the back of the Ultima packaging in one of the screenshots. Fans sometimes blame censorship when different images are used in various ads and versions of the game. But in this case, the blame rests on another "C word". A full color version of Keith Berdak's Zebra-Centaur can be seen on his Facebook page (along with many NSFWs)
Ultima VI: The False Prophet video game info