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Krater brings you far into the future of a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Once home to IKEA, Vikings and Minecraft, today its primitive inhabitants scavenge the lush overgrown world for technological artifacts.

At the rim of a deep impact site known as the Krater, three factions vie for control over the great scar opening up into the world below. An endless series of caves and tunnels filled with ancient treasures and dangers, the Underside stretches into the depths of the fallen Swedish civilization.

You arrive to Krater to recruit a team of freediggers and take part in the goldrush where people return rich or don't return at all.

Key features:
Co-op and single player that blend seamlessly with each other - you use and develop same characters in both single- and multi-player missions. This means that you can explore the open game world freely in the single player campaign and whenever you feel like you can use the same characters and join up with a friend in a number of co-op dungeons and quests. All the loot and progress you earn is kept regardless of game mode. And yes, your grinding efforts will be kept for the coming PvP expansion as well!

* Unlimited Adventure - no matter how deep you crawl, there is always more to explore in an open game world where randomized dungeons and events are combined with a more than 60 thoroughly designed locations and more than 200 quests in order to create a vast gaming experience. Location range from small settlements with a few struggling inhabitants to major cities such as the Solside Capital, a sprawling regional HUB where you will find all sorts of characters and services.
* Face the consequences - your characters must cope with the dangers of Krater - if not they will face the threat of permanent injuries or even death.
* Craft Everything! - from items, weapons, and gear to your own characters' abilities and powers, you can craft it all with Krater’s extensive crafting system.
* Uniquely Persistent Characters - evolve your team of odd personalities as they take on new characteristics from abilities.
* Expandable Adventure - future DLC adventure modules promise to expand the world of Krater by offering exciting new campaigns.
Krater video game info