Companies with the same name

I've found some cases of same-name companies, for example Milestone:

Bringing this mixed result:

The solution could be having two companies differently named: "Milestone (jp)" and "Milestone (it)", and in cases where the country is the same, the founding year could be used: "Milestone (jp,2003)" or "Milestone (2003)"
What do you think? Are there better solutions?

If this is ok, the big issue is that right now parentheses can't be used, so the first step would be to handle alternate names in a different way.

This also touches Atari I think (was discussed quite some time ago here).

Edit: That said, country is not reliable for identifying all cases. Year of going active/official as pointed out in the linked thread is a bit more so, though not without potential problems (however unlikely they are). In some instances the country info may be more useful for display purposes.

Edit 2: I would think this is best solved by moving to company IDs from linking by name. And warning of any similar names when adding companies.

I want to bring this topic up again, because I encountered another case with Discovery Software. There is a US and an unrelated JP developer with this name.

Would it be OK to give one or both of the companies a different name like "Discovery Software [us]" / "Discovery Software [jp]"?

Perhaps not the best solution but might be technically simpler. If a company search results in multiple company IDs, then display the IDs
Apex Infogrames (Milestone[5023]) 2003 Xbox
Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo UFO Interactive (MileStone[1540]) 2009 Wii

Or simpler yet, always show the ID.

This solution works better when coupled with Sanguine's

Super old thread, but I must revive this because I got a new problem with this and the suggested solutions do (no longer) work. So I got this C64 game by Renegade Software which is not the famous UK Bitmap Brothers "Renegade Software".
But I cannot use (1983) nor [1983] in the company name because its not allowed and does not work. For now I named it "Renegade Software 1983", but it looks not so good directly near the year date.

I tested a special character for K-Soft as there are two companies with the same name: K-Soft|CZ

The best option would be to use what I originally proposed (and never did) of using brackets. Other sites like IMDB do something like that for actors.

Not sure if I can work on it in these days, but I'll give it priority.