About Battle Raper II: The Game

Battle Raper II: The Game video game info


A lot like a modern 3D fighting game more similar to a Soul Calibur rip-off ... Only in this case, you are battling to torn clothes off the various women so that you can have your way with them.

This sequel features the ability to dress up your fighter, heal thir wounds after winning, and six playable characters (only five female (two twins), one male) fighters.

Sexy Raper is an add-on to Battle Raper 2 which allows you to take pictures of all the female characters in poses with different outfits and backgrounds. You can also change their Facial expressions and eye position.

CapRaper is similar to Sexy raper but adds on three charaters from [[game:Biko 3]] and [[game:Des Blood 4]].
Battle Raper II: The Game video game info